You boyfriend / male friend’s big sister automatically becomes your friend as
Excuse for wanting to visit them and vice versa for the males

You’ve over heard you parent or parents talking about something you’ve done over
The phone to a relative and they act like your not sitting right next to them

Your parents ever threatened to take you back home (which they never do because its like 10,000$ a ticket)

You’ve tried to explain yourself in a situation and they feel like you are (African accent)
Back talking

You get in mad trouble if you do not offer to help your mom or female relative when they are cooking in the kitchen (and when you do help they say get out you don’t know how to do anything)

You’ve seen random phone cards lying around the house

If they have ever watched BET with you or accidentally passed by seeing the video and say (in an African accent) OHHHH so this is the kind of thing u are watching eh? Lol

If you’ve ever been called to do something so dumb you run upstairs thinking it’s an emergency to hear your parent say have you eaten today? Or can you pass me the remote

If you’ve ever been embarrassed in a public place (mall , restaurant etc) because your parents want the whole world to know your full name and they are extra loud

If your friends ever call for you and don’t greet your parents are always gangsta enough to say (African accent) so you cant say hi or your friend gets a 2 min lecture on proper greetings

If you’ve ever gotten in trouble for something your little sibling has done even though it has nothing to do with you

If something has happened and they yell Jesus or God in whatever language

If you love you parents even though they drive u crazy sometimes pass this on to any African im sure they can relate.


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